The massive energy potential of hydrogen is well known. But large scale adoption has not been viable. Until now.

Hydrogen is the simplest and most abundant element in the universe. With its high energy-to-weight ratio, it makes great rocket fuel. But apart from a few specialized industries, hydrogen has not yet gained traction as a practical source of energy for mainstream industrial markets.

Compared to fossil fuels, current generation utility-scale hydrogen technology is less reliable and more expensive, with massive up-front costs. This has hindered investment in hydrogen infrastructure, keeping this clean and abundant resource out of reach.

HERO® unlocks the full power potential of hydrogen with a stable, flameless, catalytic reaction.

HERO® is a breakthrough combustion-free catalytic hydrogen technology that is safe, stable, and creates only one byproduct: ultrapure water.

HERO® can reach temperatures greater than 700 degrees Celsius in minutes, producing steam that can reliably power turbine-driven baseload and peaking power. Behind this powerful heat source is the interaction of hydrogen and oxygen gas with a secret catalyst, applied to a metal surface.

The catalytic reaction starts working at room temperature and requires no preheating or external heat sources making it a limitless, efficient, affordable, clean and reliable source of power.

Ready for real-world industrial scale application. A breakthrough well past the lab bench.

The larger the surface area of the HERO® catalyst and the more hydrogen available, the more heat is generated. This means it can scale easily from small off-grid sites to massive municipal power plants.

HERO® is on track for commercialisation readiness by 2021. HERO® ‘s suitability for large-scale power generation has been proven and independently verified, with no scientific risk holding HERO® back from full-scale development. Commercial-scale prototype and validation is expected by the second quarter of 2020.

Imagine a heat generator that can ‘snap in’ to legacy fossil fuel plants, right up to the turbines.

Since the industrial revolution, coal-fired heat has turned steam turbines, powering humanity’s progress. Until recently, we didn’t understand the impact of carbon emissions. And yet while better alternatives now exist, the legacy (and vast infrastructure investment) of this history remains.

Enter HERO®. By replacing a gas or coal-fired boiler with HERO® in an existing power plant, emissions can be cut while the plant continues to operate. Costs are greatly reduced by eliminating the need for infrastructure replacement and multimillion-dollar pollution control measures. Existing power plant jobs will remain, and new ones will be created.

This substitution approach is the fastest and most practical way to achieve the reduction in carbon emissions our world urgently needs.

HERO® is a breakthrough for meeting growing energy demand across industries.

HERO® is flexible enough to meet the needs of any consumer or industrial system demanding significant amounts of heat – whether power, heating, or drying. A HERO® generator can be built to almost any size specification, making it capable of efficiently meeting a wide variety of energy needs.

Many industries require heat as an essential part of their production processes. This process of heating, including activities such as distillation, smelting or heat treatment, is one of the most energy intensive aspects of many industries. In the UK alone, some 40% of industrial energy requirements come from this source.

HERO®’s ability to provide a clean source of high-temperature heat can affordably solve this challenge for the industry, significantly cutting emissions output.

The HERO® Advantage

  • Suitable for a range of industrial heat applications, HERO® quickly and safely reaches temperatures up to 700 degrees Celsius
  • The catalytic reaction starts working at room temperature and requires no preheating or external heat source, making it highly safe and efficient.
  • No greenhouse gases or other harmful emissions are produced during the HERO® process. The only byproduct is ultra-pure water.
  • HERO®’s fuel source, hydrogen, is the most abundant natural element in the world. It will never run out. It can be produced using abundant green energy sources.
  • HERO® technology relies on our secret, reusable catalyst. It is a true catalyst, meaning it does not degrade during the reaction. This characteristic makes HERO® even more reliable and less costly to operate and maintain.
  • HERO® is very safe because it doesn’t rely on combustion to release the energy within hydrogen. The powerful heat-generating reaction between the catalyst, hydrogen and oxygen is completely flameless.

From financing to implementation, Planet Power delivers a complete end-to-end clean hydrogen energy solution.

Planet Power Systems is the global owner operator and channel manager for the breakthrough HERO® technology from Star Scientific. As a wholly owned subsidiary, we are able to provide a fully managed service for new and legacy industrial energy providers looking to implement HERO®.

Our team of industry professionals, with decades of science and engineering expertise, together with systematised implementation and management, can help power plants leverage HERO® to cross the threshold from diminishing profitability to a resilient, stable, and dependable clean energy future.

At last, the advent of a truly viable global hydrogen economy has arrived.

Let's discuss how HERO® can meet your energy needs

“I believe that, if managed well, the Fourth Industrial Revolution can bring a new cultural renaissance, which will make us feel part of something much larger than ourselves: a true global civilization. I believe the changes that will sweep through society can provide a more inclusive, sustainable and harmonious society. But it will not come easily.”

Klaus Schwab
Founder, World Economic Forum